Programs and Services Planned for Review

Explore the working list of the next programs and services planned for systematic review

The following programs and services were identified and prioritized using the Clearinghouse’s Handbook of Standards and Procedures. Particular consideration was given to programs and services recommended by State or local government administrators; rated by other clearinghouses (such as CEBC or HomVEE); recommended by federal partners; and/or evaluated as part of grants supported by the Children’s Bureau (such as the Title IV-E Child Welfare Demonstrations or Regional Partnership Grants).

This working list may be changed in accordance with the Clearinghouse’s Handbook of Standards and Procedures and as needed to support implementation of the Title IV-E Prevention Program.

Bold indicates new programs and services added to the working list.

sorted by A-Z

Program or Service areas Read definitions of the program or service areas
Program or Service Name Mental Health Substance Abuse In-Home Parent Skill-based Kinship Navigator
30 Days to Family
A Second Chance Kinship Navigator Program
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
ACT Raising Safe Kids
Colorado Kinnected Kinship Navigator Program (Re-Review)
Creating Lasting Family Connections
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred
Gathering of Native Americans
Keeping Foster and Kin Parents Supported and Trained
Kinship Interdisciplinary Navigation Technologically-Advanced Model (Re-Review)
Make Parenting a Pleasure
Prize Contingency Management
Project Venture
Relief Nursery
SafeCare (Re-Review)

Note: The working list of the next programs and services planned for systematic review is based on preliminary information and is subject to change as additional information is obtained during the review process. If there are multiple formal adaptations of a program or service, the Clearinghouse may select one adaptation for review. This is intended to maximize the number of different programs and services reviewed. The Clearinghouse aims to review and rate as many programs and services as quickly as possible and will continue to release ratings for programs and services on a rolling basis.