Wellbriety & Celebrating Families!™

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Wellbriety & Celebrating Families!TM (Wellbriety & CF!) is an adaptation of CF! designed for Indigenous families with children ages 3–18 in which at least one parent has problematic substance use and is at risk of engaging in domestic violence, child abuse, or child neglect. The program incorporates traditional Indigenous teachings and cultural practices into the CF! content to meet the needs of Indigenous children and families. Wellbriety & CF! aims to break the cycle of addiction in families, improve participants’ healthy living skills, and increase children’s well-being and functioning. The curriculum engages every member of the family to foster the development of healthy and addiction-free individuals and emphasizes the importance of community service and individual spirituality.


Facilitators deliver Wellbriety & CF! to groups of families in weekly sessions. Sessions involve both parents and children and are fully scripted, including role-play, handouts, children’s stories, and activity sheets. Each session follows the same structure: (1) a 30-minute family meal, (2) 90 minutes of small group activities focused on the week’s topic, and (3) a 30-minute structured “Connecting with my Family” activity. 


In the small group activities, both parents and children learn about the week’s topic with parents in one group together and children meeting in separate groups by age (3–7, 8–10, 11–13, and 14–18). At least two group leaders facilitate each small group. Small group topics focus on healthy living skills (e.g., effective communication and anger management) and key addiction and recovery concepts (e.g., addiction is a disease, substance use impacts the whole family). For parents and for children ages 8–18, small group activities consist of an opening exercise designed to center the group and set expectations, a presentation of the main content, and a closing circle for reflection. For children ages 3–7, small group activities consist of a gathering activity, circle time, activity time, a break, story time, and a closing circle. The small group topics for children ages 3–7 include developmentally appropriate content for younger children.  


In the “Connecting with My Family” activity, families come back together to participate in a structured activity. Each week’s activity builds on the topics discussed in the breakout sessions and is designed to model positive parenting behaviors and strengthen family relationships. For example, activities might focus on reading to and affirming children, spending time together safely as a family, or talking about how addiction has impacted the family.

Wellbriety & CF! does not currently meet criteria to receive a rating because no studies met eligibility criteria for review.

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed: Nov 2023


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Target Population

Wellbriety and CF! is designed for Indigenous families with children ages 3–18 in which at least one parent has problematic substance use and is at risk of engaging in domestic violence, child abuse, or child neglect. 


Facilitators typically deliver Wellbriety & CF! to groups of 6–15 families in 16 weekly 150-minute sessions. 

Location/Delivery Setting
Recommended Locations/Delivery Settings

Facilitators deliver Wellbriety & CF! in person in community settings. 

Education, Certifications and Training

Facilitators participate in a 3-day training during which trainers review the CF! curriculum with the Wellbriety cultural teachings framework. Trainings can be offered within the facilitator’s community. 

Program or Service Documentation
Available languages

The Wellbriety & CF! Cultural Teachings Handbook is available in English. The CF! manual is available in English and Spanish.  

Other supporting materials

Wellbriety and CF! Overview

For More Information

Website: https://whitebison.org/family-programs/

Phone: (719) 548-1000

Email: info@whitebison.org

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