Celebrating Families!™ 0 Thru 3 Years

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Celebrating Families!TM (CF!) 0 Thru 3 Years is a supplemental CF! curriculum designed for families with children ages 0–3 in which at least one parent has problematic substance use and is at risk of engaging in domestic violence, child abuse, or child neglect. CF! 0 Thru 3 Years aims to break the cycle of addiction in families, improve participants’ healthy living skills, and increase children’s well-being and functioning. CF! 0 Thru 3 Years specifically focuses on helping parents with young children develop a healthy attachment with their children and learn positive parenting skills while in recovery from problematic substance use. The goal for children is that they will feel loved, safe, and secure in their parent’s care. The curriculum engages every member of the family to foster the development of healthy and addiction-free individuals.  


Group leaders deliver CF! 0 Thru 3 Years to groups of families in weekly sessions. Sessions involve both parents and children and are fully scripted, including role-play, handouts, children’s stories, and activity sheets.  Each session follows the same structure: (1) 30 minutes of family time, (2) 20 minutes of a family meal or snack, (3) a 10-minute transition to small groups, (4) 85 minutes of small group activities, and (5) a 5-minute closing focused on reflection.  


In the family time, families participate in age-appropriate activities together and group leaders help parents learn about and practice parenting skills. For example, parents learn about following children’s lead, reading to children, and age-appropriate activity choices. After family time, families eat a meal or snack together then transition to small group activities. 


In the small group activities, parents meet to learn about the week’s topic while children meet in separate groups by age (typically one group for children under 2 and one for ages 2–3). At least two group leaders facilitate each small group. Topics for parents focus on healthy living skills (e.g., effective communication and anger management), key addiction and recovery concepts (e.g., addiction is a disease, substance use impacts the whole family), considerations for parenting children ages 0–3, and how to support healthy attachment of children to parents. For parents, small group activities consist of an opening exercise designed to center the group and set expectations, a presentation of the main content, and a closing circle for reflection. For children under age 2, small group activities consist of interactive play with group leaders. For children ages 2–3, small group activities consist of circle time, a simple craft, free play, a snack, and quiet time.  

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Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed: Nov 2023


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Target Population

CF! 0 Thru 3 Years is designed for families with children ages 0–3 in which at least one parent has problematic substance use and is at risk of engaging in domestic violence, child abuse, or child neglect.  


Group leaders typically deliver CF! 0 Thru 3 Years to groups of families in 16 weekly 150-minute sessions.  

Location/Delivery Setting
Recommended Locations/Delivery Settings

Group leaders can deliver CF! 0 Thru 3 Years in person in community or clinical settings.  

Education, Certifications and Training

The team of group leaders should consist of individuals who have the desire to help families learn, strong personal skills, and an understanding of chemical dependency and recovery. Overall, the team of group leaders should be balanced in terms of gender and ethnicity. CF! 0 Thru 3 Years recommends that one or more of the children’s group leaders has completed at least 12 Early Childhood Development education units. 

CF! 0 Thru 3 Years training includes a 2.5-day training program. This includes an initial training that gives an overview of both the CF! and the CF! 0 Thru 3 Years models. After the initial training, participants attend a training specific to the CF! 0 Thru 3 Years modelled by program administrators. This training includes 10 modules specific to CF! 0 Thru 3 Years implementation: five foundational modules about parenting skills, baby cues, reading to children, being a guide for parents, and healthy attachment, as well as five group leadership modules about leading family time, leading children’s small groups, leading parent groups, child development, and self-care. Group leaders also participate in ongoing training and supervision, including weekly 1-hour planning sessions, debriefing sessions, quarterly enrichment sessions, and team building events.  

Program or Service Documentation
Book/Manual/Available documentation used for review

Sibley, L., Tisch, R., & Gardner, M. (2016). Celebrating Families!TM: A curriculum to facilitate recovery for parents and children impacted by alcohol and/or drug dependence. 0 thru 3 years supplement: Group leader guide. National Association for Children of Addiction. 

Available languages

The CF! 0 Thru 3 Years manual is available in English.  

Other supporting materials

CF! Training 

For More Information

Website: http://celebratingfamilies.net/index.htm   

Phone: (301) 468-0985 

Email: celebratingfamilies@nacoa.org 

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