Criando con Amor: Promoviendo Armonía y Superación – Jóvenes

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Criando con Amor: Promoviendo Armonía y Superación – Jóvenes (CAPAS-Youth) is a group-based parenting and family functioning intervention adapted from GenerationPMTO – Group, also known as Parenting Through Change (PTC) and formerly known as Parent Management Training – Oregon Model (PMTO®). CAPAS-Youth is a culturally adapted intervention for Spanish-speaking Latino(a) families with children ages 12–15. Adaptations include: (1) Modifying core components of GenerationPMTO – Group for linguistic and cultural appropriateness, (2) Adapting session activities (e.g., role-play practice) to include culturally relevant expressions, and (3) Adding sessions focusing on racism, contextual adversity, discrimination, immigration, cultural conflicts, and adolescent drug use.  


In the first session, CAPAS-Youth Group Leaders engage the treatment families, begin building a collaborative group, and introduce participants to the CAPAS-Youth model. In the following sessions, the Group Leaders teach parents skills such as: giving good directions, observing and regulating emotions, active listening and communication, teaching children through positive reinforcement (e.g., incentive charts), using discipline strategies, and effective supervision. Sessions weave in content on the experience of being a Latino immigrant parent, experiences of discrimination, and raising and communicating with bicultural children. One session explicitly focuses on drug use prevention. Skills are reinforced with home practice assignments. The intervention model emphasizes role playing as a teaching tool and using questions to promote learning. 

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Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed: May 2022


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Target Population

CAPAS-Youth is designed to serve Spanish-speaking Latino(a) parents of children ages 12–15. 


CAPAS-Youth is usually delivered by two Group Leaders in weekly parent group sessions. Each session lasts about 2 hours. Parents attend 11 sessions over 3–4 months. 

Location/Delivery Setting
Recommended Locations/Delivery Settings

CAPAS-Youth may be delivered in community settings such as outpatient clinics, community-based agencies, and religious organizations.  

Education, Certifications and Training

CAPAS-Youth Group Leaders are encouraged to complete GenerationPMTO – Group certification. GenerationPMTO – Group facilitators must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Facilitators must attend a 1-day kickoff workshop to build enthusiasm, support buy-in, and promote culture change. This is followed by three workshops over 10–12 days that focus on mastering model content and the group facilitation process. After completing the workshops, facilitators participate in 2 days of coaching and a 1-day booster workshop. To become certified, facilitators must submit video recordings for feedback and strength-based consultation. Additional CAPAS-Youth training is also available to Group Leaders to review components related to immigration-related challenges, culture, and biculturalism. 

Program or Service Documentation
Book/Manual/Available documentation used for review

Amador-Buenabad, N., & Parra-Cardona, R. (2021). CAPAS-Jóvenes: Material de apoyo para intervencionistas. La Universidad de Texas en Austin.

Available languages

CAPAS-Youth materials are available in Spanish.  

Other supporting materials

GenerationPMTO Implementation Sites 

For More Information


Phone: (541) 485-2711 

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Studies Not Eligible for Review

Study 11325

Martinez, C. R., Jr., & Eddy, J. M. (2005). Effects of culturally adapted Parent Management Training on Latino youth behavioral health outcomes. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 73(5), 841-851.

This study is ineligible for review because it is not a study of the program or service under review (Study Eligibility Criterion 4.1.6).

Study 11327

Parra-Cardona, J. R., Bybee, D., Sullivan, C. M., Rodriguez, M. M. D., Dates, B., Tams, L., & Bernal, G. (2017). Examining the impact of differential cultural adaptation with Latina/o immigrants exposed to adapted parent training interventions. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 85(1), 58-71.

This study is ineligible for review because it is not a study of the program or service under review (Study Eligibility Criterion 4.1.6).

Study 13170

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This study is ineligible for review because it is not a study of the program or service under review (Study Eligibility Criterion 4.1.6).

Study 14237

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This study is ineligible for review because it is not a study of the program or service under review (Study Eligibility Criterion 4.1.6).

Study 14314

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This study is ineligible for review because it is not a study of the program or service under review (Study Eligibility Criterion 4.1.6).