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e-Family Foundations (e-FF) is an online and interactive self-study adaptation of the Family Foundations (FF) parenting education program designed for couples expecting their first child. e-FF aims to help couples develop a team approach to caregiving, maintain family bonds, reduce stress, and promote adult and child well-being. In e-FF, couples are defined as any two individuals who plan to care for the child together and can include the parent and another individual such as a grandparent or new romantic partner. Couples participate in e-FF together and typically begin e-FF classes during pregnancy. 


e-FF is delivered online to couples over nine self-paced classes. e-FF includes five classes designed to prepare couples for parenting before the birth of the child and four classes designed to help couples following the birth of the child. Class 1 focuses on orienting the couple to becoming parents, strategies for communicating feelings effectively to each other, and identifying the strengths of the parenting team. Class 2 introduces tools to manage conflict and discusses how emotions affect the child. Class 3 focuses on skills to help couples work as a team, divide labor, and change negative thoughts. Class 4 explains how to have difficult conversations and how to use “I-statements.” Class 5 recaps the prior prenatal classes, discusses the importance of building confidence as a parent, and shares tips for putting the baby to sleep. Class 6, the first class after birth, discusses parent experiences, child temperaments, and the importance of spending time as a couple. Class 7 introduces the concept of secure attachment and explains how to help children feel secure. Class 8 focuses on strategies for teamwork, problem-solving, and changing negative thoughts. Class 9 ends the series by reviewing attachment and security as well as discussing intimacy, teaching, discipline, and the importance of sharing appreciation within the parenting team.  

e-FF does not currently meet criteria to receive a rating because no studies met eligibility criteria for review.

Date Research Evidence Last Reviewed: Nov 2023


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Target Population

e-FF is designed for couples expecting their first child. In e-FF, couples are defined as any two individuals who plan to care for the child together and can include the parent and another individual such as a grandparent or new romantic partner.  


e-FF is delivered to couples in nine online, interactive self-study classes. e-FF typically includes five classes before birth and four after birth, but all nine classes can also be delivered after birth. 

Location/Delivery Setting
Recommended Locations/Delivery Settings

e-FF is delivered to couples online through an interactive self-study software program.  

Education, Certifications and Training

e-FF is delivered through an interactive self-study software program and has no training, education, or certification requirements. 

Program or Service Documentation
Book/Manual/Available documentation used for review

Feinberg, M. E. (2021). E-Family Foundations. [Online software]. Family Gold.   

Available languages

e-FF materials are available in English. 

Other supporting materials

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Website: https://famfound.net/for-professionals   

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